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D&B Services, Inc. is a full service design & build company with the resources to take your building program from conception to reality. We have formulated a group of professionals that can guide your church, step by step, through the entire design and construction process.

D&B Builders was formally incorporated in 1985. D&B Services is a subsidiary of that corporation. D&B Services, Inc. was formed by Jeff Hathaway and David Denham, Sr., with the hope and trust that God would be glorified through the efforts of the company and its employees.

God has blessed our company since its inception by allowing us take part in the building and expanding of church ministries throughout the world. We have felt privileged to provide not only our talents as builders of buildings, but also as financial partners in many of God's ministries both locally and internationally.

We are excited with the anticipation of being part of your church's ministry and would encourage you to leave information about your church's vision on our "Contact Us" page.

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